On September 19, 2013 President Indira Samarasekera introduced a three-year Action Plan to the university community. The plan consists of four strategic objectives: Academic Transformation, Efficient Administration, Culture Change and Sustainable Financial Models. It was developed using the six budget principles approved by GFC and the Board of Governors in June 2013 as well as the Change Agenda which was approved by the Board of Governor's on April 18, 2013. 

Academic Transformation:

  • Enhance graduate research culture
  • Identify and strengthen areas of excellence
  • Continue to attract, retain and reward exceptional faculty, staff and students
  • Seek and facilitate collaboration and cooperation
  • Implement the president's review committee
  • Explore and implement innovative digital learning strategies
  • Expand and deepen international partnerships 

Sustainable Financial Models:

  • University of Alberta Budget Model
  • Revenue generation and sharing
  • Streamlining and unifying financial systems
  • Fundraising
  • Envision Energy Management Program

Efficient Administration:

  • Simplify administrative processes
  • Consolidation / elimination of duplication
  • Digitization
  • Consistent administrative expertise and service across campus

Culture Change:

  • Transparency & Communication
  • Clear decision-making
  • Accountability at every level